Monday, 12 November 2012

Wrong again

At drama class, we gathered in groups and prepared a performance based on a poem (my type of stuff!). 

We chose "Wrong again", from Sophie Hannah, and as you can see in this very bad quality pic - from a youtube video, sorry! - we came up with quite a litteral rendering.

Ah, and it doesn't show there, but yes, I did lick the guy's face. 
For Art's sake...

Wrong again

I did the right thing once (may God reward me);
Restrained myself.  I took a moral stance.
Virtue, I found, was not my thing -- it bored me
Rigid, and I would like another chance
To earn myself a wicked reputation
Equal to yours.  I'll match you sin for sin.
Lies, promiscuity, inebriation --
It all sounds lovely.  What can we begin?
I used to be afraid of rumours spreading.
You made my fear seem fussy, immature.
Here's my new motto, the:  just change the bedding
And carry on exactly as before.
A single, happy night beneath your quilt
Is all I want.  I'll risk post-coital guilt.

-- Sophie Hannah

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