Saturday, 29 December 2012

Obsessed with "Girls"

I can not believe it took me so much time to start watching it, after all the raving reviews I had read. I guess what put me off was that 1) Lena Dunham, who writes, co-directs, produces and stars in it is my age and 2) I loved Sex and the City too much and feared a low-cost Sex and the City

So, it is a low-cost Sex and the City and that's why it's so good. Thank God someone finally speaks about how hard it is to get started in life. No more parent's money, no more direction after uni, and the pressure that "these are your best years and you should make the most of it".

And Adam is so sexy. 

It's back on TV in January. Finally a good reason to stop watching homeland. 

(pic from dailybillboard)

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