Monday, 28 January 2013

Ah, being 19 again...

Life-management tips I learnt from my 19 yo classmates

Be on facebook. All the time. Use capital LETters randomly.
Iphones are too expensive and Samsung rules. 
Everybody 3 years older is OLD.
It's ok not to pick up your phone if you're supposed to be at school. If you are hanging out with your friends tired, take some time off and come back when you feel better!
Take acid and watch a movie. Then, you will "know the structure of the world"(sic)
Do follow your school's twitter
Speak about penises and add LOL just after.
Talk enthusiastically about all your school projects. 
Don't forget to mention how X didn't lift a finger LOL.
Make movies about consumerism, schizophrenia, depression, how the mind works... Not about mafia or revenge.
Stalk your friends on facebook. It's called friendship. 
What, Google +?
Discover sex and get a lot of it.
Don't come out yet.
Go less and less to school. 
Eat more and more liquid stuff until your diet stabilizes at 2 pints per day. 
Buy gifts for your friends with your parents' money. 
Be more mature than expected.
Be less mature than expected. 

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