Wednesday, 13 February 2013

The Lion King is Hamlet

We are adapting shakespeare at school. That's the brief: adapt Shakespeare. How cooler and scarier can it be?

So, with all this creative license, Crystal decided to adapt The Lion King, which apparently is actually an adaptation of Hamlet. And I thought Disney had uncovered some very old legend from Africa.... 

She needed a queen, and as is the case when some of my classmate need someone OLD, she thought about me. 

So I spent last Monday acting like a queen.

Being an actress is wonderful. You get free coffee, a lot of attention, and it's ok to be outrageously made-up. Also, I got to spend the day dressed in Dior, Karen Millen and white fox fur.* (as queens do) 

The only thing is, you kind of have to look good. And in the end, we had to take portrait pictures, for the movie's poster. I figured it's be good red carpet training, for when I am a famous director. I think Caroline tried any angle she could think of, to get a good pic of me. On a chair, from below, three quarters...
In the end, she whispered: "Don't worry, I'll use photoshop"

I was impressed by the cast. She had brought together some very talented actors. It is always disturbing to see how all those skilled actors are willing to work for free. Having them in my movies seem almost like stealing them.**


*The girl in charge of production has a very trendy mum
**So, I still spent the day trying to convince most of them to act in my Musical

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