Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Can you change your hair just after getting some headshots done?

Because I just did it. And though it was probably not the best idea I badly wanted to chop all that hair.
Apparently, what most headshots photographers say online is that what you shouldn't do is cut your hair just before, as haircuts need a few days to settle. But I asked around - my tutor told me it really doesn't matter that you have the same haircut as before or not.

Which leads to another question: what should you do with your hair if you want to act?
One of my actress friends told me that she keeps her hair long to be able to do more with it on stage. Another friend of mine recently posted on facebook that she dreams of going half-shaved but fears she'd lose out on some roles. Which is probably reasonable as the small productions she'd be hired into at the start would probably not have a massive hair and make-up budget. Also, some very trendy haircuts can feel old-fashioned in a matter of months, and we could end up having to do new headshots every months.

I guess that in a world where the way we look matters so much, we should just select the haircut that fits us best today.

In which case I definitely need new headshots.... 

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