Friday, 10 October 2014

Taking time on stage

I always rush my lines, my steps, and even my pauses. And I find that a lot of other actors do. Why is it that some of us actors, who strive to be on stage, want to 'just get it over with' as soon as we are given the chance to perform?

Maybe it's the combination of our desire to shine with our complete shy-ness, low-confidence level, shame at lack of technique.... or whatever it is that makes us want to go in and own that stage for once?
I wonder if there isn't a way of using those contradictory feelings while acting. Maybe it gives more depth to a character to approach it with both a desire to embrace everything she/he says, but also with a heightened awareness of who we are. Or it makes us more interesting to watch if we fully embrace all the contradictory emotions we are feeling on stage. Does it?

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