Tuesday, 23 April 2013

5-minutes videos - a focus on storytelling

Last week, I attended the ideastap event about creating 5-minutes videos. Many thanks to Paul Mason for his time and precious avice!
He's a reporter, so, as a playwright and director I wasn't sure I would gain much, but I did! 
What I loved about the session what how Paul made it very simple and "organised" to create a 5 minutes video. He started by emphasizing the idea of structure, explaining that any video needs a set-up, development and crisis resolution. Then he divided plain paper into 10 rows.... one for every 30 seconds of video. In each one, we worked out what we'd show every 30 seconds, and what type of footage we'd use. The idea: tell a story, and keep the viewer entertained with different type of footage. 
Definitely handy for my last documentary project. Thanks Paul!

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