Tuesday, 23 April 2013

François Truffaut on directing

I was going through the "The Four hundred blows*"'s DVD yesterday, when I came upon an interview with François Truffaut himself, and here he explains what he thinks is the way to become a director.
"Do not become an assistant directors - assistants are being sent shopping when something interesting is happening on the set. Instead, watch movies. There are movies I must have seen more than 16 times. Once you know a movie by heart, then you can start understanding how it was created. I consider Renoir a master, and I always relate to him when I am stuck about how to direct a scene".
There. On the other end, Danny Boyle suggests to get a job in the maimstream. I guess there's no one way.

*It is a literal translation of "Faire les 400 coups" which in French means being naughty and free and wild when you're a teenager. So pretty much spot on. 

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