Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I love fine art but have always considered it a museum item or a lavish luxury for billionaire collectors. So, I never thought I could find myself considering buying some. Until Sunday, when I visited the London Original Print Fair, where one of my friend was exhibiting. There, walking at awe throughout the smart prints, I realized that there was something in-between the home-printed pics in RIBBA frame and the stern minimalistic look of collector blogs.
Smart, exciting, sometimes old sometimes new, meaningful or pointless fun, it finally made me understand how buying art, selecting something that resembles us or that we want to say, can make us feel more accomplished. A new road to happiness. (Also, not as expensive as expected: though some skyrocketed up to £50,000, you could find cool stuff around £300 – an okay investment for something that will brighten up your days for the rest of your life)
Some galleries excited me more than others, and I’ll make sure I pay regular visits in the future. Here they are:

Rebecca Hossack: http://www.r-h-g.co.uk/

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