Monday, 29 April 2013

Space invaders...

Not long ago, I attended a choreography workshop with Suzanne Thomas, who made us work on the performance's space.
She stressed how movie clips and TV have shaped our view of dancing: the importance of staying on the camera's viewpoint and of not disturbing the audience's attention from the singer have led to more static and uniformed performances.
She wanted us to use the whole space, and see how placing dancers in different locations, facing different directions could make us tell different, textured stories. It was amazing how the same moves could have different meanings.
For example, just placing two dancers next to each other, and one a bit further apart makes you wonder about their relationships. Are the first two in love? Will the third one join in or not? Or having all dancers face the wall, back to the audience, then make one of them turn, can create a kind of surrealistic experience.
Definitely worth taking into account, next time I have a play or dancers to direct...

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